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hello welcome to my art I feel the wait I do not know that this wep could not put my speech in Spain but nothing happens if you are not English you can come to my devianart if what are you waiting for we will give you a click

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fool of mine

Posted by grandmoner - 1 month ago

hello I know they will tell me ahh this user again with their false complaints

Well, the truth is, I'm not here to reflect and I want to say I'm very sorry for what I did because I say so because I steal musicals from others if I don't steal an audio from a user that I really liked his video

 And I thought it was a good idea to upload my first animatic, so I would renew it in gif mode but when I send it to sony vegas I get an error, so I did it in copy paper mode and it worked for me, what happens, it turns out that I can't put animatic because do I remove the support for animations or something? I know that I do not care how many people I have, but what I care about is that you like you, because my content without any problem I can not resolve it because or if they do not remove it from me unless it is not a remanetication There if you can leave me and about the speedpaints because nothing happens I will have to build what the girl told me that I apologize that you have informed you a little badly why I say this because even if I have some reason it does not mean That they have to report me before speaking with me because what hurts me the most is that they take it away from me instead of me eliminating them that we would take an agreement from now on I will ask for permission and if you do not answer me well I will have to put on music from super mario galaxy

and I know you will tell me what happens about the animatic

well I have good news and bad news for you

the good thing is that I can upload it on youtube since youtube has the making of any language

The bad thing is that I will not put subtitles in English because my YouTube channel uploads more Spanish and I do not want to be mixed between English and Spanish in my YouTube channel Thank you very much read and I hope you understand